Halo XL

Why we like it

Like a 150-kilogram forward who knows his way around a three-dimensional torus network, these hybrids might be that ideal combination of size and smarts. Oversize in volume and face area, they take that stability and boost ball speed by alternating the stiff and flexible regions in the front part of the crown. Inside, computer analytics optimised the location and size of weight pads in the sole and perimeter to maximise forgiveness and improve launch. Computer-simulated attack angles of average golfers even determined the degree of taper on the sole rails. The bonus of the even bigger, low-lofted Hy-Wood for easier long-distance shots is more than handy.

Halo XL

  • Built for players looking to launch the ball higher.
  • The taper on the sole rails keeps the leading edge closer to the ground across a range of attack angles.
  • 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 degrees (with fixed hosel)

Top 10 most forgiving, hybrids, high-handicaps

Reviewer profile

“It looks large at address but, the ball comes off like a missile. Everything felt pure, and it has a massive sweet spot.”

– 5-Handicapper

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