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Tour Edge Exotics 723 - Australian Golf Digest Tour Edge Exotics 723 - Australian Golf Digest

Tour Edge

Exotics 723

Why we like it

It’s nice to talk about hybrids hitting a specific distance just like irons, but the fact is we need hybrids because they help us hit the ball further than the irons they’re replacing. That’s why these two hybrids adopt some of Tour Edge’s driver technology. The variable-thickness pattern on these faces uses rows of interlaced diamond-shaped indentations on the back side, what the company likes to call “mini-trampolines”. Pair that with the high-strength steel alloy in the face, and the result is what most average golfers really want in their hybrids: full send.


  • A carbon-composite crown combines with a 10-gram weight in the sole to lower the centre of gravity for less spin.
  • A more compact head and a flatter lie angle yields less draw bias and a more iron-like flight.
  • 17, 19, 21, 23 degrees (with an eight-way adjustable hosel)

Top 10 highest flying, hybrids, high-handicaps


  • Designed for forgiveness and a high launch with larger size (twice the front-to-back distance of C723) and a deep back weight.
  • Expect higher launch with a bit more spin compared to the C723.
  • 17, 19, 22, 25 (with fixed hosel)

Top 10 most forgiving, hybrids, high-handicaps

Reviewer profile

“The smaller profile gives me the comfort of an iron – more ball to focus on. Instant energy at impact.”

– 15-Handicap

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