It used to be that consumers would see a muscle-back blade and instantly shy away. No more. The fact is, golfers now realise some blade-like shapes house hollow-body-construction performance with loads of playability and forgiveness. The MP-20 HMB is one such iron. The 2 to 7-irons are hollow. The face and neck are forged, and a pair of 12-gram tungsten weights are placed low in the heel and toe sections to lower the centre of gravity and foster forgiveness. The 8-iron, as a transition iron to the scoring clubs, has the hollow construction but no tungsten, and the 9-iron and pitching wedge have a partial hollow body. An underlayer of copper is used to enhance feel from the usual double-nickel-chrome plating. Although some irons in this category jack lofts or chase ball speed in a specific area, this iron has traditional lofts and a re-engineered face to deliver more consistent distances across a larger portion of the face – or exactly what most golfers want in clubs designed for approach shots to the green. An aggressive sole bevel helps the wider soles glide through the turf more easily, and a chamfered topline provides the sleek look at address better players crave. 

7-IRON LOFT 32 degrees PW LOFT 46 degrees

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“A high, arcing trajectory. The buttery softness at impact differentiates this club from the pack. It feels cosy in your hands.”

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