This is a players-distance iron with a lot of players iron in it. The quality of turf interaction is noticeable because of an updated Tour VT sole that features a higher bounce angle towards the leading edge that progressively tapers to less bounce on the trailing edge. Not that the club is lacking in the kind of distance technology that lets you hit one club less than everyone else in your foursome. Using artificial intelligence to produce thousands of face designs, the final product is a multipiece iron that features a high-strength steel face insert (SUP 10) supported by a soft 1020 carbon-steel body and hosel. The backside of each face is milled in a variable-thickness pattern comprising grooves, channels and cavities to provide extra ball speed. To increase forgiveness, tungsten is placed in the toe of the long and middle irons (up to the 7-iron), and the grooves on those irons are wider and deeper. In the 8-iron through pitching wedge the grooves are closer together to get more of the groove edges on the ball for maximum grab. The stock shafts are Nippon’s N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour. They have a rigid high-tip section that helps keep the clubhead square at impact and minimises unwanted extra spin.

7-IRON LOFT 31 degrees PW LOFT 44 degrees

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“Light and fast. It rips through the ball. A high ball flight, and the spin allows you to yank the string on short-iron shots.”

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