When a single iron in a set costs about as much as the monthly payment on a luxury car, it’s OK to question its presence on this list. The technology stuffed within this iron, however, is too intriguing to ignore. Designed to fit between the Titleist CP-02 and CP-04, the CP-03 is a slightly larger players-shape blade with minimal offset. The company uses a material it refers to as “super metal” that is nearly twice as strong as 17-4 stainless steel to create a multi-material hollow body that is similar in size to the AP2 iron that was popular on the PGA Tour. Unlike the AP2, however, this club features an ultra-thin L-shape face that wraps around part of the sole to deliver extra distance. Perhaps just as impressive is the amount of high-density tungsten in the relatively compact head. Each iron in the series uses about the same amount of tungsten inside the heel and toe (an average of 104 grams in the long and middle irons) that is found in the company’s hollow-body utility irons. That all adds up to an incredibly fast face in a players-iron shape with the off-centre-hit stability of a game-improvement iron. If cost isn’t a consideration, then these irons are worth a look. 

7-IRON LOFT 31 degrees PW LOFT 43 degrees

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“Cushioned power exploding off the face and carrying forever. The trajectory just pierces through the air.”

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