Sometimes you can be a victim of your own success. For Honma, this means having to make a players-distance iron that brings plenty of heat in the same highly attractive clubhead the company is famous for. The TR21X irons accomplish this. They might look like single-piece forged irons at first glance, but they’re actually hollow construction with an unsupported Carpenter steel L-face insert (in which the bottom of the face wraps around part of the sole). A U-shape wedge of tungsten is positioned low and near the sole with portions raised in the heel and toe to maximise performance on shots struck in those areas. The tungsten – which ranges from 50 to 89 grams depending on the iron – is also set back from the face, allowing it to flex more easily at impact. To deliver the proper sound, a foam is used inside the head to dampen unwanted vibrations. Those seeking a lightweight shaft can choose from the company’s proprietary Vizard graphite shafts in 65 or 85 grams (the lighter version is about half the weight of a typical steel shaft). Oh, and don’t scratch your head when you see a 10 and 11-iron. Those are Honma’s pitching and gap wedges.

7-IRON LOFT 30 degrees PW LOFT 43 degrees

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“The feel is crisp. No vibration through impact. Plenty of distance. The ball felt spring-loaded coming off the face.”

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