What it does: Cobra’s LTDx line features three models for three ball-flight preferences. The LTDx has an oversize shape to maximise forgiveness. The LTDx Max is large, too, but includes adjustable weights for extra draw bias. The LTDx LS positions all of its discretionary weight forward to produce the least amount of spin of the three. Large, ultra-forgiving drivers often have an issue with an elevated centre of gravity; if the CG is too high, distance-sapping high spin is more likely. However, Cobra engineers use an internal cartridge with a heavy steel weight towards the front to lower the CG. The result is the low spin you want with the forgiveness you need.

Why we like it: These Sherman-tank stable clubheads achieve the low-spin and high-launch thing as well as any on the market. Another compelling technological accomplishment is a new variable-thickness face design that smartly finds extra heat for those off-centre hits while maintaining all the distance your best shots deserve. Even better, it’s lighter, saving even more weight to fine-tune the distinct performance of all three models.

lofts 9, 10.5, 12 (ltdx, ltdx max); 9, 10.5 (ltdx ls); adjustable

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“The way the materials meld gives off a cool transformer vibe. This is a flamethrower: feels hot but understated – like a punch. Rocketing trajectory. Quietly gives you extra speed and distance.”

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