What it does: XXIO has focused on making lightweight drivers more powerful, and these two models barely weigh more than
a McFlurry, including the first-time adjustable X model and the
ultralight 12 with its 41-gram shaft. The power comes from a new flat cupface and the strongest titanium alloy the company has used. That face design, which includes a flared-toe section for better off-centre ball speeds, gets extra flexing help from the rest of the head. By surrounding the face with a rigid zone, then a more flexible channel plus a more rigid titanium and carbon-composite body, the whole system works to activate the face like a second spring at impact.

Why we like it: Lightweight drivers are pointless without making your tired old swing produce velocity more efficiently and more effectively. These help get the club to impact faster and more square with less weight on each component and an aerodynamic ridge on the heel side of the crown. By changing the way air flows over the crown in the downswing, the ridge stabilises the head and makes it easier to close at impact for consistent and faster swings. 

lofts 9.5, 10.5 (12); 9.5, 10.5 (x); adjustable   

Reviewer profile

“Properly weighted versus past models, which have felt too light. Hit like a fairway finder. Rising line-drive flight with noticeable forgiveness. Colours are a bit busy, but this was so easy to swing.”

– Player comment

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