Tour Edge

exotics c722/e722

What it does: These two drivers constitute a sort of fraternal twins of modern driver design. The use of large sections of carbon
composite around a titanium skeleton provides plenty of discretionary weight. But it’s used differently in each. The larger E722 model positions a 30-gram weight in the extreme rear perimeter for maximum forgiveness. The more compact C722 creates two weight ports (20 and five grams) centred in the front and back of the sole that allow better players to tweak spin and launch. 

Why we like it: Most drivers that use carbon composite in the body start with a large panel in the crown, but the Tour Edge drivers wrap two large swaths of carbon fibre around the crown and sole like the fins of a manta ray. A centralised strip of titanium that connects back to front divides the two sections. Thinner than in previous models, that ridge provides structural support to yield a more connected feel. It also helps stabilise the frame to direct more energy to the flexing of the face, especially at those off-centre areas to provide the face – and most players – the most help.

lofts 9.5, 10.5 (c722); 9.5, 10.5, 12 (e722); adjustable   

Reviewer profile

“Head shape on the C722 is classic. Super-impressive glossy carbon top. The sound is as consistent and pleasant as the results. The head isn’t too large and sets up so nice behind the ball.”

– Player comment

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