Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor takes a new direction in the pursuit of bringing launch data to a handheld form. This latest device goes beyond the numbers to provide not only the diagnostics behind your ball flight but a video of your swing with a TopTracer-like trajectory line to help you match the visual of your swing with its data.

And it does it all on your iPhone for a price that’s a fraction compared to traditional launch monitors.

The Rapsodo MLM tracks ball velocity, smash factor, launch angle, trajectory height and distance. Data storage allows for not only individual club distance gapping throughout your bag, but video review, as well.

According to Batuhan Okur, founder and CEO of Rapsodo, the Mobile Launch Monitor is all about “helping athletes achieve their full potential.”

“It’s not only going to tell you the distance, it’s going to show you the bands of consistency so you can see ‘Are you more consistent with your distances with the 8-iron than your 6-iron or your pitching wedge,’” said Okur, who sees the Rapsodo MLM as opening up a more specific dialog between golfers and their teachers. Golfers with the device can combine the ideas in a lesson with the motions they’re seeing on the device, while teachers can explain how the player should strive for certain optimal launch conditions with every club in the bag.

The Rapsodo MLM uses high-level 24ghz radar, employs automatic club recognition, and the product comes with a carrying case, UBS charging cable and features a 10-hour rechargeable battery. And the best bit? The next software update will add indoor/netting capabilities, meaning it will be able to predict all your data with limited ball flight – perfect for those indoor/backyard nets in isolation.


Rukket Hitting Nets

There are practice nets and then there are Rukket nets. Instead of wasting your money on cheap online products promising quality, opt for the new Rukket range – all double-stitched and built from the heaviest materials available. Easily assembled and packed away in a matter of minutes, the Rukket’s carrying case is made of thick canvas with double zippers for long life, allowing you to take it anywhere. The included tri-fold hitting mat gives you three different surfaces, including a tee box so you can launch your driver off real tees. Constructed from 4-ply knotless, high-performance netting and unmatched ball roll back feature, Rukket nets are the perfect home practice companion.

WellPutt Putting Mats

The best putting mat ever, approved by world-renowned Aussie coach Cameron McCormick – the man who took Jordan Spieth to world No.1. There’s a reason the WellPutt range is used by the world’s top players – they’re the most scientifically accurate in reproducing a real-life green. Their patented design and rolling speed have been tested by engineers and McCormick himself to make you a putting expert. After using the free mobile app for training and practice exercises, you’ll be draining them from everywhere.

Orange Whip Trainer

Whether you are a tour player or a beginner, using the Orange Whip Trainer allows you to feel if your swing is actually in rhythm and balance. While working on swing plane the Orange Whip Trainer will increase your flexibility and strengthen your golf muscles. Ask any pro or instructor and they will tell you it’s the perfect warm-up tool because it properly stretches your golf muscles while perfecting tempo and balance.

Strike Spray

Golf’s number one solution for analysing impact now comes in a can. Improve centeredness of contact with Strike Spray by SuperSpeed Golf. Off-centre strikes are the No.1 reason most amateur golfers lose distance. It is difficult, however, to figure out exactly where contact was made on each swing. Even some of the best launch monitors don’t measure face contact. With a simple spray on the clubface, you can now see precisely where you make contact on every shot. This knowledge will allow necessary adjustments to be made to start striking the ball in the centre of the club.

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