When somebody sends me a tweet during a round looking for help, I know it’s pretty serious. And a lot of times the subject is a shank.

The classic shank comes when the clubhead gets farther away from you at impact than it was at address, or you move closer to the ball during the swing. As a result, the ball hits off the hosel and darts sideways.   

Start by getting the right distance from the ball. Your arms should hang from your shoulders – not reach – and you should keep the body posture that creates throughout the swing. To avoid moving towards the ball or swinging your arms out, use my obstacle drill [below].    

Hank Haney

Don’t Bump the Headcover
Hit some iron shots, or make practice swings, with a headcover just outside the toe of your club. Miss the cover, and you’ll miss the hosel on the other side. Your contact will move back towards the centre.

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