Even if you don’t know him by name, you definitely remember Conor Sketches – AKA Conor Moore – who took Golf Twitter™ by storm last year with his incredible tour pro impressions ahead of both the Masters and British Open.

We’ve seen Conor’s deadpan DJ and prickly Poulter, but so far he’s played his Tiger card close to his chest. Once you cross the Big Cat, you don’t come back, after all. On Thursday, however, we finally got a look at the Magnum to Conor’s Blue Steel, and needless to say, it was worth the wait.

Pretty good stuff all round from Conor, even if he doesn’t have the real estate to really stretch out and make the character his own. He nails the signature Tiger collar adjustment that we all do whether we realise it or not, as well as iconic nose-tug-and-sniff manoeuvre. His delivery is also solid, drilling down on Tiger’s trademark “really” pronunciation while bringing his sigh to full, exasperated life.

If you’re still not impressed, remember that most humans can’t even say their own name while in the same room as Mr GOAT, let alone impersonate him to his face. Think you can do better? Go ahead. Make Tiger’s day, punk.