After a three-year sabbatical, professional golf returns to Slovakia this week with the European Challenge Tour’s D+D Real Challenge at Penati Golf Resort. A return welcomed for those believing today’s courses are too short against modern equipment, as Penati features the longest hole in professional golf.

The 15th at Penati’s Legend course weighs in at a whooping 716 metres (783 yards), a distance not even Brooks Koepka can get home in two. (Thinking…) Probably can’t get home in two.

The hole has 11 tees and usually plays in the 410-metre range most weeks, but tournament officials are tipping it out. It registers as a par 6, and as this video shows, it’s a long piece of nectar.

Granted, this is a pitch-n-putt compared to the world’s longest holes. South Korea’s Gunsan Country Club boasts a par 7 that is just under 1,o00 metres, while Satsuki Golf Course in Japan was the world-record owner for decades with its 881-metre job.

Alas, those expecting numbers on the scorecard to match the distance will be disappointed. The last time the circuit visited Penati, Challenge Tour players made the 15th one of the easiest holes on the track with a 5.38 (-0.62) scoring average on the week.