The PGA Tour returns this week (thank goodness), but the European Tour still has more than a month to go before the six-event UK Swing. Hopefully, its players can keep from hurting themselves – or their property – practising at home until then. But if Connor Syme is any indication, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

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The Scottish pro posted a video of him hitting a shot on his personal practice setup, something many (bored) golfers have done these past few months. The difference? Syme managed to nearly take his own head off. Check it out:

His stunned reaction is the best part. And here we thought the most dangerous part of tour pros being stuck at home was the awful haircuts.

Anyway, it’s just another sign pro golf’s lockdown really needs to end soon. Feel better, Connor, and thanks for sharing. Looks like you’re making good contact at least.