The 20 Most Important New Rules For 2019

New Rules in Golf for 2019

1. Search time: reduced from five minutes to three minutes.

2. Ball moved during search: replace with no penalty.

3. Embedded ball in fairway or rough? Free relief.

4. Measuring a drop: defined by longest club (except putter).

5. Making a stroke on the wrong green is not allowed. Take a free drop off the green.

New Rules in Golf for 2019

6. Touching ground in penalty areas – no penalty.

7. Accidental double hit? No penalty. It counts as one shot.

8. Fewer restrictions on touching sand in a bunker.

9. All damage to the green can be repaired except natural wear.

10. Drop from knee height instead of shoulder height.

11. Water hazards are now called “penalty areas”.

12. Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted.

13 . Caddie can’t stand behind player when player takes stance.

New Rules in Golf for 2019

14. Ball moves on the green after being replaced? Move it back without penalty.

15. Ball accidentally hits player or equipment? No penalty.

16. Ball accidentally moved on putting green: replace without penalty.

17. Loose impediments can be removed from penalty areas and bunkers.

18. Putting with the flagstick in the hole is permitted.

19. Dropping a ball outside a bunker – two penalty strokes.

20. A ball wedged against the flagstick and the side of the hole is deemed holed.


Source: R&A and USGA