Cleveland Golf has announce its latest iteration of the popular Smart Sole line of clubs – the Smart Sole 3 S and C wedges – will officially launch in Australia in September. This latest generation of super game-improvement wedges features upgraded technologies that can instantly help golfers play better.

Cleveland Golf is a preeminent golf equipment manufacturer whose powerful innovations have been a staple in the golf industry since 1979. As a leader in the golf wedge industry, Cleveland Golf’s new Smart Sole 3 S and C models bring unique technology designed specifically for golfers who struggle with short game shots.

Both the Smart Sole 3 S and C wedges feature a new, three-tiered sole design that’s optimised for smooth turf interaction. Players with inconsistent swings will experience better contact on bunker shots, chips, and full shots. Each Smart Sole 3 wedge has a loft angle that makes it easier to chip onto the green and get out of the sand. The new wedges also feature Cleveland’s proven Feel Balancing Technology, offering better feel thanks to a repositioned centre of gravity.

“We designed the Smart Sole 3 with the widest, most forgiving sole of any Cleveland wedge in the market,” said Jeff Brunski, director of research and development at Cleveland Golf’s, California headquarters. “That wide sole makes getting out of bunkers as easy as possible. The Smart Sole 3 also features Feel Balancing Technology which provides more consistent performance and better feel.”

The first and second Smart Sole generations were celebrated for helping golfers see dramatic improvements without strenuous practice or repetition. The new Smart Sole 3 wedges build on that prior success, further improving the unique technologies that make Smart Sole wedges so beneficial to the golfers who rely on them.

Key innovations include:

  • Three-Tiered Sole: Built for maximum forgiveness, the three-tiered sole has three distinct activation pads for better turf interaction and increased playability from all lies around the green.
  • Feel Balancing Technology: By redistributing weight from the hosel towards the toe, Cleveland has moved the centre of gravity closer to the centre of the clubface. This results in greater feel and tighter shot dispersion to get you closer to the hole.
  • Optimised Club Specs: The wedges were built with the proper loft, lie, and sole design so golfers can set up square and let the club do the work to get the ball closer to the hole.

Smart Sole 3 wedges in men’s steel carry an RRP of $149.99 each; men’s and women’s graphite are priced at $159.99.