Play better, smarter, healthier: Our pick of the products helping golfers get the most from their games.

Golfers are usually a curious bunch. Entice them with an opportunity to improve their games, and they’ll probably take a look. If this sounds like you, well, you might want to carve out a little extra time in your schedule, because we have plenty of “enticements” you’ll be curious about. Allow us to offer an assortment of products that can help golfers play better, smarter and healthier. From training aids to game analysers, fitness equipment to the latest in golf  accessories, our honourees provide you with the tools to become a better golfer. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Home golf simulator

Best home simulator

HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180
Create an indoor driving range at the click of a button with the newly upgraded HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180. Designed by experts, this premium golf simulator enclosure is perfect for golfers looking for a safe way to play inside, at home or in the office. And for stores or facilities, the HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180 is the teaching, training, and practice tool for golfers and trainers that’s in a category of its own. Don’t have the dedicated space for a virtual golf practice setup? No worries. HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180 is fully retractable. Simply tap the included wireless remote and in less than 30 seconds you – or your significant other – have got the room back. Visit or call 1300 156 550 for more.

Best swing aid

Swing Eagle
Learning how to swing the golf club, let alone replicating Adam Scott’s flawless moves, can be frustrating and even drive many newcomers away from the sport. But Tim Kierath has designed a product to make golf’s introduction encouraging and fun.

Widely known as the founder of Hoselink, an online company specialising in patented world leading garden hose fittings that are reliable and burst-free, Kierath used his knowledge of product design to build a training aid that helps you mimic and get the feel of the golf swings of elite touring professionals. Designed for men, women and children so everyone in your household can get the feel for golf, Swing Eagle is the perfect platform for anyone to learn what a golf swing should feel like and let their muscle memory take over.

“For all the tips, pictures and videos in the world, none of them permit you to feel the swing employed by professional golfers. But Swing Eagle does,” Kierath says.

Swing Eagle guides your hands and club on the ideal swing path and with just one minute of daily training, recalibrates your brain and body to change your swing to the pro swing. Visit for more.

Best accessory

Bushnell Golf Wingman
Unleash your inner DJ on the course with Wingman. This “first of its kind” product combines high-quality audio with the ability to receive audible GPS distances and conveniently mounts to your cart bar via BITE magnetic technology. Visit for more details.

Best headcover

Seamus Golf
The Oregon-based Seamus Golf headcover artisans are known for creating unique and quality covers with tartan, tweed and other bold patterned designs. 

The company’s recent collection of mix-material headcovers builds on that expertise, bringing luxe and lasting defence to any set of sticks. Each piece is customisable and has contrasting fleece interior that enhances style and protection. See the full range available in Australia at

Best health tracker

Whoop 3.0
Fasten a strap to your wrist, and you can have access to all sorts of biodata that can help you sleep better, train smarter and improve the efficiency of your daily physical activities. Subscriptions start from $44. See for more information.

Best transport

Club Car Tempo Lithium-Ion
A good riding cart should be as reliable as a regular tee-time. In the electric category, Club Car’s Tempo Lithium-Ion remains our choice. The market is changing over to lithium battery packs, and Club Car and the Tempo Lithium was at the forefront of this movement. No more watering batteries; 36-plus holes per day are guaranteed for five years. The shift to lithium battery packs makes sense since they are less expensive to charge and about 70 kilograms lighter than golf carts using lead acid batteries, which greatly saves wear and tear on the turf. There’s also the tiny things that matter, including USB ports to keep your phone charged and a steering system you don’t have to wrestle with.

Best travel bag

Sun Mountain Meridian
When looking at travel bags, three boxes must be ticked: it has to make the experience of travelling easier, it has to protect your clubs to the fullest and it needs enough space to store items for your trip. The upgraded Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian ticks all three emphatically. For storage there are enough pockets for everything from a pair (or two) of golf shoes, rain gear, a dozen balls and, on the way home, a bag of dirty laundry. At the airport, the pivoting wheels make manoeuvring through check-in a breeze. Ditto the retractable stand, another feature that lets you tote the bag around with minimum effort.

An internal strap keeps the golf bag snug and not moving around inside. The ClubGlider is also upgraded with more and better protection of the clubheads with a new padded upper section that can fend off the harshest throw of the bag onto the conveyor belt at the airport. Getting your bag there is important, but having your clubs intact when they arrive is vital. Available at australiangolfsupplies.