By Joel Beall

PGA Tour players are generally a laid-back, non-excitable breed. Even against this complexion, Marc Leishman is one cool cat.

The 35-year-old Aussie is the epitome of unflappability and affability, the type of man you pray to be paired with when showing up to a course as a single. “Big Leish” might sound like the byproduct of an increasingly-uncreative mindset that’s draped athletics but it’s a nickname apropos for a guy with the build and swing of Ernie Els and the demeanour of Tom Hanks.

And if Leishman wasn’t popular enough, his personal beer is now available for your consumption.

“Leishman Lager” was introduced in 2016 by Back Bay Brewing in Virginia Beach, on tap at the brewery’s bar. For fans of craft brew, Leishman Lager combines “elements of classic Australian bittering hops and German noble varietals to balance out the bready and toasted malt backbone with subtle spicy and floral notes.”

A percentage of sales of Leishman’s sweet nectar go towards Begin Again Foundation, the charity Marc and his wife Audrey launched after she nearly lost her life to Toxic Shock Syndrome.