Big Cat 

The Big Cat is designed to rip the back out of the ball as far down the fairway as humanly possible. Each leopard print has been strategically placed to promote a smooth, relaxed hold that will stand the test of time. Whether it be water from the heavens or sweat beading down the palms of your hands, you have nothing to fear. Snap this grip from your driver to the little fellas in your bag. The beast within this grip can be tamed to wedges so it is caressed in a way that would make a tiger purr like a pussy cat.RRP: $24.95

Bloody Ripper

The Bloody Ripper is designed for the patriotic Aussie within us. Highlighting what’s most important to us in the Land Down Under – pluggers, snags and all of our pet koalas that hug our beers and keep them cool. Designed to have a soft feel to make sure that leading hand stops thinking it needs to choke the s–t out of that chicken. Aussies are known for their relaxed demeanour and laidback lifestyle; replicate that in your golf swing and you will be laughing. RRP: $24.95


The Marilyn – designed to be caressed and admired in the same breath. A perfect grip to relieve that brain of yours of all that unnecessary swing garbage as you approach the ball. A soft feel to match the elegance of her design, with grip to represent the ferocity of her personality behind closed doors. An absolute must in our books. I mean, what club wouldn’t want Marylin wrapped around it? RRP: $24.95


The Geo is built to be clean and crisp. Subtle geometric patterns that create the perfect hand alignment, so your clubface is as square as Jay Leno’s chin. A soft feel, perfect patterns and colours to make those clubs as fly as Marty. This all-rounder is perfect to fit your clubs from wedge to driver. Keep it clean with one colour or mix it up. Either way, you’ll be looking steezy.  RRP: $24.95

Mr Squiggle

Mr Squiggle puts the pop back in your life. High velocity swing speeds, delicately swung wedges and a colourful attitude sit right at home here. Rain, hail or shine, this grip will out perform any grip you might have had the unfortunate luck of owning. Throw some colour at your golf game like you throw grains out of a bunker after the perfect smack of the sand. Hole in ones are a walk in the park with this asymmetric beauty. RRP: $24.95

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