Fourteen was established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan, Takamitsu Takebayashi. Takamitsu designs the Fourteen range accommodating golfers of all handicaps – CBs, blades and forged heads that low, mid and high handicappers benefit from. Fourteen irons and wedges are globally accepted on all professional tours. These golfers know that Fourteen with its hand craftsmanship, distinctive designs and inimitable materials, provide the best performance achievable but there is a misconception that only serious players can use Fourteen. This is not the case. Fourteen develops its equipment for all levels of players. Fourteen takes great pride in the fact that our equipment can compensate for lack of technique or power. In addition, amateurs who have a hard time spinning the ball will effortlessly spin the ball with Fourteen wedges.

RM4 forged wedge

The RM has had a long track record and standout presence on the PGA Tour. A new Step Blade design with variable thickness structure and precision machining help improve the spin accuracy, control and design of the wedge. Meeting the needs and imagination of players who want a wedge that excels in various conditions around the green, the new RM features the technology and design needed to produce the best results as a high-performance wedge made from S25C soft carbon steel.

Ranked No.1 in 2021: MyGolfSpy Highest Spinning Wedge

RM4 wedges available in three finishes: Satin Chrome, Light Black and Raw

Gelong-D driver

The new for 2022 Fourteen Gelong-D driver comes with a “mechanical advantage” and “maximised speed according to the player”. In order to achieve both of these attributes, it is essential to reduce the weight of the head, and the new Gelong-D is overwhelmingly lighter than conventional drivers. The Gelong-D also features a mono-flex carbon shaft accommodating all golfers to maximise club speed and to be able to square the head at impact. This made it possible to create a driver that is much easier to swing with incredible distance increases.

TC-7 Forged iron

The TC-7 Forged iron cavity back features an undercut design that produces a precise, consistent trajectory and even softer feel at impact. This forged cavity back, made from S25C soft carbon steel with a nickel chrome finish, is designed with minimal offset paired with a modern topline at address that inspires confidence.

RM Forged Blade
Limited Edition

New for 2022, the RM Forged Blade is the latest from Fourteen. Its incredible clean appearance forged with S20C soft carbon steel is the ultimate performance iron. The Step Blade design with variable thickness structure provides the ultimate in face stability and trajectory control.

TB-5 Forged iron

TB-5 Forged iron features a larger head which inspires confidence at address as well as larger sweet spot which creates excellent distance and direction and more forgiveness on off-centre strikes. The TB-5 Forged head is made from S20C mild steel, for incredible soft feel with strong ball flight. This iron is ideal for the player wanting a blade iron but lacking the consistent ball-striking that a traditional blade requires.

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