This is your chance to rehearse a quality backswing.

Waggling the club before you hit a shot is a traditional way of reducing tension and getting primed to make a fluid swing. But if you do it in an old-school wristy fashion, you’re rehearsing something you really don’t want to do when it’s time to take the club back.

Let me explain.

Grab your driver and waggle, flicking the clubhead back and forth with your wrists. Pay attention to where the clubhead travels in the backswing. If it abruptly moves inside the target line, you’re rehearsing a poor takeaway – one that makes you want to re-route the club in the downswing on an out-in-path – an over-the-top slicer’s move.

Instead, waggle like Justin Thomas. Take the club back a few times with your arms and torso moving as one unit. You’ll notice the clubhead stays in front of your hands, yet moves slightly inside the target line without any excessive opening or closing of the face. Be sure to keep your arms relaxed, and move your belly button with the club as you start away smoothly. – with Ron Kaspriske

David Leadbetter is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional.

Feature Image: Walter Iooss