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IMPULSES are everywhere. For golfers, that’s truest on the course.

Should I go for this par 5 in two? Do I aim straight at that flag? Do I pull out the driver on this short par 4?

Impulses are unavoidable off the course, too.

Buying that new set of clubs you have been wanting for a while is all too easy to slap on the credit card. So is that golf trip you’ve been planning or the joining fee to that golf club you can’t wait to be a member of.

But, like employing a strategy on that par 5, impulse purchases can be managed to reduce the risk.

Personal loans are the smarter way to secure those luxuries you want, but without getting stuck in a “revolving door of credit” or dipping into your savings.

Golfers have started planning trips to places like Barnbougle, the Melbourne Sandbelt, New Zealand or even the Masters at Augusta National. They are also likely to start splurging on new clubs, golf apparel and club memberships now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Barnbougle Lost Farm
Barnbougle Lost Farm [Photo: Gary Lisbon]

Savvy chief executive officer and finance expert, Bill Tsouvalas, says when making a large purchase, the real hazards golfers need to avoid are buy now, pay later services, credit cards and high interest rates. A more prudent and affordable option is to seek pre-approval on a low interest personal loan.

“Credit cards are revolving door of credit,” Tsouvalas said. “They’re not a responsible or prudent decision. Credit cards have higher interest rates that lead you to paying much more in the long run.

“It’s much smarter to get pre-approved for a personal loan so you have a budget to work with as well as a defined loan period. Personal loans have a beginning and an end, as well as a lower interest rate.

Buy now, pay later options are just as bad, if not worse. You will be paying for it later, make no mistake, because these services encourage shoppers to buy things they can’t afford. “Improving your golf game takes focus and discipline. By applying those same traits to your financial choices, golfers can have their cake and eat it too.”

Savvy is an Australian trusted finance broker specialising in personal loans and, as golfers themselves, they understand international and state borders opening up is music to the ears of golfers. The company has access to over 25 reputable lenders eager and strives to broker the best deals for customers, and can assist with online approvals and no-obligation quotes. Savvy brings a wealth of experience to golfers looking to make a large-ticket purchase having spent 11 years assisting with finance in the car, home finance and insurance solutions.

So that trip to The Masters or the latest set of Callaway clubs are certainly something we should all consider. But it’s no different to playing the No.1 index hole at your regular golf course – employing a thoughtful strategy will help you in the long run.