By Alex Myers/Golf Digest

There’s a great scene in the movie Tin Cup when Kevin Costner hustles another golfer by playing him by using non-golf clubs. Tin Cup makes this look easy (Keep in mind, though, he also shot even par at a US Open qualifier using just a 7-iron), but could actual US PGA Tour pros pull it off? Thanks to Skratch TV we now know. And the answer is yes.

Check out this video of Robert Streb and Ben Crane taking the “Tin Cup Challenge,” and marvel at their phenomenal hand-eye coordination. The two play a hole by teeing off with a baseball bat before switching to a shovel to hit their golf balls and eventually putting with bunker rakes:

We’re going to assume they didn’t actually bet a car, but either way, Tin Cup would be proud, especially of Crane using a hoe to blast out of a bunker to gimme range. These guys are (really) good.