We’ve all come across a few architecture snobs along the highways and byways of our golf journeys.

You know these folks because they turn their nose up at publics (unless it’s Bethpage!), namedrop architects like designer labels, and adorn their chest in the finest logos earth has to offer. It’s an exclusive cabal. They don’t let just anybody in. You must have just the right balance of cynicism and taste, plus the bag-tag collection back it up. On Friday, however, golf’s most prestigious fraternity of haters finally welcomed a new member into the fold. His name?

Tyrrell Hatton.

The honour has been a long time coming for the Englishman, who has spent the past year nitpicking just about every course he’s come across. From Augusta National to Southern Hills, Hatton’s reign of critique has known no bounds, and on Friday it arrived at St George’s Golf & Country Club, where he was overhead ripping both himself and the course layout after a mishit approach.

“That golf shot was about as good as this hole,” Hatton said as his shot soared into the trees. “Ab-so-lute-ly awful.”

Safe to say Hatton doesn’t find this quite as amusing as we do, but at least this time he’s shouldering some of the blame. That shows progress, and lord knows he’ll need every last drop of that in Brookline next week.