There are plenty of nightmare scenarios on a golf course. Wardrobe malfunctions. Coming across a snake hiding in a water cooler. But hitting a dreaded shank still has to be the worst – especially on one of the most famous golf holes in the world.

Such was the fate for one golfer, who hit a hosel rocket on Augusta National’s 12th hole. Even worse? His hideous shot on the iconic par 3 was documented on video for the world to see. Have a look:

Yikes. Although, that was a pretty entertaining reaction. “Ah, shank… SHAAAANK!!!” May as well embrace the moment. And hey, at least it looked like the shot stayed dry and he didn’t lose a golf ball. Just his dignity.

Like the caption says, imagine waiting your whole life to get that coveted invite there and then you hit the worst shot of your whole life? This poor guy might never recover.

Even Jack Nicklaus has been scolded by the club for sharing photos from Augusta National on social media. And he’s won six green jackets.

This guy, on the other hand, has won no green jackets. And as the predictably brutal comments section suggest, is probably in need of some longer golf clubs.

Rumours are it’s archived footage of an Australian golf writer from 2013, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Either way, might be time to see a swing doctor…