We recently installed a WellPutt Big Tilt putting green in the studio at the Jason Laws Golf Academy and it has shown me one thing in particular: most golfers struggle with speed control on uphill putts.

Whether it’s powering the ball through the break and leaving a three-footer coming back or not giving the putt a chance by getting the ball to the hole, I see a big discrepancy in the ideal speed on curling, uphill putts. These putts are crucial for maintaining momentum during a good round and there is a very simple way to dial in your speed.

The ideal holing speed is having the ball roll three-quarters of the way into the cup, because if you miss you will finish a foot behind the hole.

Place a tee one foot on the high side of a hole on the putting green and practise uphill putts from three, six, eight and 10 feet that move from right-to-left and then left-to-right. If the ball doesn’t go in the hole – and sometimes it doesn’t – make sure it is finishing near where that tee is located behind the hole.

Make that part of your regular practice routine and your scorecard will thank you for it. 

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Image: Getty images: Icon Sportswire