Titleist Introduces New 716 AP1 and AP2 Irons
New 716 AP Iron Models Deliver Best-In-Class Combination of Distance, Forgiveness and Shot-Stopping Performance in Player-Preferred Profiles

New 716 AP1 is the longest, most forgiving Titleist iron ever, designed for golfers seeking maximum distance and maximum forgiveness.

A 360º Undercut Cavity results in a large, thin, unsupported face area, that flexes more at impact for increased ball speed.  High Density Tungsten, placed in the long and mid irons, produces a lower centre of gravity (CG) for a higher launch angle.  The forgiving High-MOI design – with 50 percent more tungsten than prior generation 714,– maximises heel and toe stability without increasing AP1’s preferred blade length, while producing higher ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on off-centre hits. 

Check out the AP1 video below:

New 716 AP2 is Titleist’s most advanced players’ iron, made even better, delivering tour-proven distance with forgiveness and solid forged feel.

High Density Tungsten weighting creates a Low CG that is perfectly aligned at impact to increase speed and distance.  The forgiving High-MOI design –, with 25 per cent more tungsten than prior generation 714 – drives higher ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on off-centre hits at a tour-preferred blade length.  AP2’s innovative construction combines a forged 1025 Carbon steel body with tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons producing low CG and high MOI with Solid Forged Feel.

Check out the AP2 video below:



 Jordan Spieth: “The first time I looked down at the new AP2’s they looked even cleaner. I thought they looked almost like a blade. As an amateur, you can now get the look of a tour blade while still having the consistency and forgiveness of a forged cavity. For a true golf lover that can’t be beaten – and I’m really looking forward to getting dialed into my new set after the Presidents Cup.”

“AP2 for me is about distance and forgiveness. Distance is always going to help. If you can hit a 7 iron a bit farther, a 7 iron is a little easier to hit than a 6 iron, a 6 iron is a little easier to hit than a 5 iron. So the less club you can hit into greens, the higher probability you’re going to score better.”

“But we’re also going to mishit shots. We’re always faced with tough lies in fairways or the rough – the ball is above your feet, below your feet. And, even though we do it every day and it’s our job, it’s hard to strike the ball perfect every time. We’re still going to find inconsistencies in our swing. Having the trust that the ball isn’t going to end up too far off line and the distance dispersion is going to be pretty tight means we still might have a birdie putt and it may not affect our score on the hole. As you approach holes with more trouble around the greens on the approach shots, if you know that you can stand over it and possibly mishit it and it’s still going to be OK, it frees you up a bit.”

Zach Johnson: “With the new AP irons, there’s something for everybody. Bottom line is, you can get fitted and find something that, regardless of your handicap, is going to work. That’s just the way the technology is in these golf clubs.”

“The improvements are just that much more every generation. With the new AP2s, what I’ve seen during testing is a clean top line – it almost looks blade-like but a little bit thicker, a little bit bigger and as a result a little more forgiving. But all that technology that you don’t see is there. It’s internal. It’s on the back. It’s the way it’s weighted. It’s where the weights are. But it’s a beautiful golf club. It’s a simple golf club.”



New Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 irons will be available in Australian golf shops beginning October 26.

  • Titleist 716 AP1 SRP Steel: $165 per club; Graphite: $205 per club
  • Titleist 716 AP2 SRP Steel: $225 per club; Graphite: $265 per club

Go to titleist.com.au for more information