From revolutionary training aids to finally booking in that well-deserved golf getaway, let your tax return drive your golf passion to new heights with these inspired ideas.


The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor uses Doppler radar-based technology to track ball flight. It tracks 16 data points, including ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, face angle, ball-flight apex, carry distance and total distance. Up to four of those metrics are displayed on an OLED screen on the compact unit. The device is portable and can be easily stored in a golf bag.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is not only accurate but also affordable. Priced at $7,999, it’s a fraction of the cost of other well-known ball-tracking gadgets.

Tiger Woods himself has given the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor his seal of approval, stating that he worked closely with Full Swing to make sure it was the most powerful and consistent launch monitor that he could trust his game with.

The Full Swing KIT provides visual and audio feedback in real time, displaying analytics in useful charts, graphs and metrics. It also has an inbuilt, full HD 1080p 60fps camera that records every golf swing you take. You can play back your swings anytime and share them with your friends, instructors and golf coaches. Plus, with full access to historical data from every shot you have taken, you can track and monitor your progress.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is easy to set up and use. Just place it 10 feet behind the ball and have eight feet of ball flight to your net or screen to start playing. You can pair it with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple AirPods for live analytics and the complete suite of features. Connectivity is available via Bluetooth and WiFi. To get started, all you need is your Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor, an iPhone or iPad and a paid e6 Connect subscription.

With the most connected app in golf, you can access every data point from any session and use the information to improve your golf game.

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Although golf is not always considered a physically demanding sport, the time it takes the body to recover after walking 18 holes can be underestimated – particularly the lower body. To combat leg soreness and fatigue, professional golfers can be seen wearing large inflatable pulsating boots during their downtime. In a new effort to make this pressure-massage technology more accessible and practical, Therabody – known for making the Theragun massage gun – has relaunched its popular compression boots with a new wireless option. Using pneumatic compression (combining compression and massage), these boots are designed to speed up recovery and get you back out on the course quicker, and are particularly handy for revitalising your circulation after flights. Each model is built with a “true negative gradient”, which safely applies precise pressure that flows from the feet to the heart and vice versa. Meanwhile, a new seamless interior prevents bacteria from building up inside the boots and makes the cleaning process easier. According to the company, the air-filled leg-cuff design channels pressure to your lower body, flushing out metabolic waste, while increasing blood flow.

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As the tax season rolls around, golf enthusiasts are presented with a golden opportunity to not only invest in their passion but also indulge in a luxurious getaway. Centara Hotels & Resorts offers the ultimate destinations for those seeking a perfect blend of world-class golf and unparalleled hospitality.

Picture yourself in the pristine tropics of Thailand as you line up your next shot on some of the finest fairways in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin or Pattaya. With Centara, your golf game is elevated to new heights, as you enjoy easy access to renowned courses nestled amid breathtaking landscapes.

Yet, the allure of Centara extends beyond the greens with an array of luxurious accommodations, featuring spacious rooms, indulgent amenities and rejuvenating spas that serve as the perfect retreat after a day on the course.

With their exclusive offers, your golf getaway becomes even more enticing. Plan your trip with friends or bring the whole family and enjoy up to 40 percent off room rates, including breakfast and the added perk of two kids staying for free. You can also opt to Linger for Longer and save even more, because at Centara, they believe in making every moment count. Make the most of your tax return this year with a golf adventure in Thailand. With unbeatable deals and unforgettable experiences awaiting, there is no better time.

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Let 2024 be the year you explore the most beautiful places on earth with your golf clubs in tow via the world’s first continual cruise. Villa Vie’s state-of-the-art Odyssey circumnavigates the world every three-and-a-half years, allowing you break free from the ordinary and live life on your terms, where work, leisure and adventure blend seamlessly.

Experience the world’s wonders and vibrant cultures, making each moment extraordinary. Embrace a continuous adventure with Villa Vie, exploring unseen corners and new experiences with each globe circuit. This isn’t merely a cruise – it’s your portal to discover the ever-evolving beauty and cultural richness of our world.

Play spectacular courses: A day in the Villa Vie Residences golf program is not just about improving your golf game; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where passion for the sport meets the adventure of the seas and the warmth of community.

Pay as you go or own your villa at sea: That’s right – owning means you get a villa guaranteed for 15 years, while choosing our rental segments lets you enjoy short adventures and comfort without having to commit long-term. 

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With its compact four-wheeled design, Husqvarna Automower 310 Mark II is a robotic lawn mower that effortlessly takes care of lawns up to 1,000m². It can manage slopes with a 40-percent incline and guide itself through narrow passages, where it switches to systematic mowing mode to reduce the number of turns and minimise wheel tracks. 

The mower is easy to use and clean, and features a frost guard and weather timer, which adjusts cutting times to suit the season and interrupt the mowing schedule in the event of frost. This means that no unnecessary grass wear occurs. For extra convenient lawn care, the Automower 310 Mark II can be managed and monitored via your smartphone with the Automower Connect app. That means you can spend more time on the course.

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The new versions of the Day-Date express Rolex’s enduring desire for rare and wide-ranging expertise to be found in even the smallest details. Colours, materials, motifs, hour markers – each element contributes to the harmony of the new combinations. 

Two new versions of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 are being unveiled. The first, in 18-carat Everose gold, introduces a slate ombré dial. This design offers a delicate transition between light at the centre of the dial and darkness around the edge – a symphony of shade that is brought to life by a particularly precise manufacturing process. The second version, in 18-carat white gold, features a pearlised white mother-of-pearl dial – a first for the Day-Date 40. Rare and refined, this mother-of-pearl shines with a striking variety of iridescent reflections. Its irregular, voluminous texture evokes tiny overlapping clouds that play with the light, creating a sense of shimmer that is enhanced by the 10 baguette-cut diamond hour markers. 

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 is also released in two new versions. The first, in 18-carat yellow gold, has a white lacquer dial with faceted, deconstructed Roman numerals and faceted index hour markers. These smooth, shiny hour markers, which were previously exclusive to the Day-Date 40, stand out for their pure and expressive design. The Day-Date 36 is also presented in 18-carat Everose gold with a blue-green dial. New for the range, this deep, intense colour is illuminated by a bezel set with 60 trapeze-cut diamonds. It is the first time that this type of bezel has featured on an 18-carat gold version of the watch.

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