Walk-up songs: more than words

Exploring how tour pros at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans are expressing themselves with their entrance music.

After on-air flub, Dottie Pepper blames ‘trolls’ and ‘idiots’ for Twitter departure

CBS TV analyst Dottie Pepper is one of the more outspoken, opinionated voices in the sport. She doesn’t suffer fools, and her assertive tone is a welcomed cadence in the chummy landscape of golf media. It’s also a spirit that some construe as abrasive, a sentiment she occasionally brings on herself. Which brings us to this peculiar news item.

Our 10 favourite teams for the Zurich Classic

Historically a ho-hum event, the Zurich Classic of New Orleans has transformed into one of the more intriguing affairs of the American spring thanks to a revamped team configuration.