Newsmakers of the month: Mullet men

Cameron Smith brought the mullet, Marc Leishman brought the music and by week’s end the Aussie pair had brought the heat to secure a playoff victory at the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

Jeffrey Guan: Remember the name

Rising stars come and go in this sport. But there’s one 16-year-old phenom from Sydney who’s here to stay – and has those in the know predicting unimaginable success.

Royal Hobart Golf Club

This year marks 50 years since Royal Hobart hosted the only Australian Open ever held in Tasmania, and recent years have seen slow but steady improvements to the venerable club.

Hair apparent

Australian Golf Digest caught up with Cameron Smith and those close to him to see what lies behind the man with the mullet – and why he could be our next Major champion.

Welcome to golf

For the millions of new faces taking up golf in the era of Covid, here’s advice we wish someone had given us starting out.

Let’s play

Taking someone out for the first time? Here’s what you need to know.

More distance, less curve

Dustin Johnson has perfected the power fade. Here’s What your swing can take from it.