Jason King: Flight On Pitches

The way golfers flight their pitch shots truly separates the best from the rest. Let Jason King demonstrate the keys to achieving control and precision with a wedge in hand.

Kerrod Gray: Pitch shot height

Kerrod Gray from Joondalup Resort shows you a simple way to learn how to control the height of your pitch shots.

Jason Laws chip & run

Add the artful chip-and-run shot to your short-game arsenal with these tips from AGD TV’s Jason Laws.

Left hand grip with Jason Laws

Get your top hand in the correct position and you’ll go a long way towards achieving a sound overall grip, says AGD TV’s Jason Laws.

Swing Sequence with Jason King

Watch Jason King demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness in how the body should move during the golf swing.

Golf swing with Annabel Rolley

Watch Annabel Rolley outline the dangers of being ‘ball-bound’ during the golf swing – and how to avoid it.