1. You Can Wear It
Technology is moving quickly and it now lives on your wrist. The fact Apple has decided to produce a watch has validated the entire smartwatch market as a worthwhile venture. Apple doesn’t enter a product category for the hell of it and, when they do, they usually turn it on its head. We saw the company re-invent the smartphone with the iPhone and make tablets a must-have device with the iPad. Get ready for Apple Watch to have the same affect on the smartwatch.

Apple Watch
2. You Can Leave Your iPhone In Your Golf Bag
How many times have you gone to your golf bag to see how many calls you’ve missed or emails and text messages you’ve received? With the Apple Watch, the notifications you’d normally read on your iPhone screen are now right there on your wrist. You can even do your best imitation of Dick Tracy by being able to make or receive a call from the Apple Watch. All the information you need, the calls you need to answer and the emails you need to return are just a glance away.

Apple Watch

3. Lots Of Golf Apps
There is no shortage of iPhone apps that can help you keep score, find out the distance to the hole and help you slice shots off your game. And while those apps were handy it still meant we had to whip out the iPhone to use them. Now those same golf apps have been adapted to work on the smaller Apple Watch screen and are far easier to read and enter information during your round quickly and easily.


4. Lots Of Other Apps
When you’re off the golf course the Apple Watch is also a vital companion and, thanks to the healthy number of apps that will be available from launch, it can be used in more ways than just telling the time and reading emails. There are already partnerships in place where Apple Watch can be used to make payments, use it as your boarding pass and even unlock your hotel room door.

Apple Watch

5. It’s Also A Health Tracker
Health and activity trackers are a popular segment of the market and Apple Watch has all of the features you’ll find on those popular products – a heart rate sensor, step and calorie counters and real-time stats when you’re exercising.  The Apple Watch will even tell you to move when you’ve been sitting still for too long. But it’s not waterproof so make sure you take it off before your next swim.

Apple Watch

6. It Looks Good
In typical Apple fashion, the Apple Watch has an incredible design with jewellery-like precision and style. This is, after all, not a piece of tech that you put in your pocket, in your bag or on your desk – you wear it. And it’s for that reason why Apple wanted to make the device as much a fashion item as a piece of technology. The watchbands on the device are interchangeable and there are hundreds of watch faces to choose from, meaning millions of style combinations. And for true style-conscious users with plenty in the bank, Apple has even decided to make a version of the Apple Watch in 18-karat gold.

– Apple Watch Sport (made of anodised aluminium in space grey and silver) is priced from $499 (38mm version) and $589 (42mm)

– Apple Watch (made of stainless steel in silver and black) is priced from $799 (38mm) and $879 (42mm).

– Apple Watch Edition (made from 18-karat yellow or rose gold) is priced from $14,000 (38mm) and $17,000 (42mm).