When you hit the ball 50 metres off line, you’re going to end up in some strange places, whether it be on the PGA Tour or at your local public course. Just ask Phil Mickelson, one of the greatest players of all time, who has hit shots from everywhere imaginable. Cart paths, hospitality tents, behind fences, behind grandstands, you name the place, and Lefty has hit from it.

But not even Phil could have dreamt up the spot where one tour pro’s ball came to rest on Thursday at the Bermuda Championship. Already at one-over on his round, Puerto Rico’s Rafael Campos was not playing his best golf, and it showed at the picturesque par-3 16th at Port Royal. A few seconds after impact, Campos can be heard yelling “FORE” as his already off line shot got caught up in the wind and began sailing to well right and well over the green. After a number of massive hops, Campos’ ball came to rest … underneath a barbecue?

That’s right. With fans in attendance this week in Bermuda, there are snack stands set up on the course, making this wild set of circumstances possible for Campos. Amazingly, he almost saved par, but his chip shot rattled off the pin and out of the hole, and he settled for bogey. Check out the clip:


Sheesh. Did he at least get a chicken sammie out of this? My man is WORKING the grill.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be footage of Campos’ second shot. We assume he either got a drop, a few people helped move the barbecue for him, or he tried to play it from underneath the hotplate. Option three is highly unlikely. Also, let’s not give Phil any ideas.