Cadence Craz-e-r putter
The Craz-e-r, an evolution of the highly successful Craz-E design, is a high-MOI model featuring a sightline that extends from the top to the back of the putter for improved alignment. A continuous white sightline extends from the top of the black PVD head to the back for easy alignment and more confidence. The high-MOI Craz-e-r is offered in a traditional-weight (blue) precision-milled aluminium insert, or a heavy (black) stainless steel insert. The traditional-weight head will typically fit golfers with faster tempos and can help with lag putting. The heavy version adds mass to match slower-tempo strokes, and can lead to better results on shorter putts. The putter can be fit to accommodate straight, slight arc, or strong arc stroke types.  Comes in traditional (350g) and Heavy (383g) weights.
RRP: $365 (Rustler, Craz-e-r), $315 (Anser 2, Anser W, B65, Shea H, Tomcat C models).


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