Kevin Streelman and Aaron Flener don’t work together, but that didn’t stop them from teaming up to make some sweet, sweet music on Tuesday night.

Apparently, in addition to being a two-time PGA Tour winner, Streelman can really strum a guitar. And we have long known about the pipes of Flener, who caddies for J.T. Poston. Please enjoy this cover of Garth Brooks’ classic “That Summer”:

OK, so I have no clue if that’s a Garth Brooks classic. I had to Google the lyrics just to figure out what song it was. But I did learn that it’s from 1992 so that could be considered a classic. Also, even though I’m clearly not a Garth guy, I gotta admit, that’s a banger. Maybe I should become a Garth guy?

Regardless, Kevin and Aaron sound very good performing it. If not a Garth Brooks cover band, maybe these two could at least drop a live album. “Tunes from the Tour”? “Tour TRACKS”? We can work on the title, but you get the point. I think there’s something there.