Golf equipment is a search for the specific. Consider that it took TaylorMade two years to build the P•7TW irons Tiger Woods used to win this year’s Masters. An almost identical version of those irons is now available for the rest of us. “We tried to duplicate what Tiger’s playing so golfers can experience and feel what he feels when he hits a shot,” says Matt Bovee, senior manager, product creation, irons. For all the engineering behind the irons, Bovee says it isn’t about technical measurements or centre-of-gravity location for Woods. “His words were: it has ‘a deeper feel’ to it.” That sounds like what we might say about our new clubs. Average golfers can get as precise with their search, and they don’t have to wait two years.

A quality clubfitter will help match your wants with your needs. Options from adjustability to custom weights and lengths mean everyone can feel what Tiger feels. Minus the green jacket, of course.

Here are eight new clubs to prime your search.

Personal ShopperPing

G410 LST Driver

Fast-swinging better players might like this low-spin option, but there’s also highly forgiving perimeter weighting and an adjustable weight to dial in your ball flight.


P·7TW Irons

These forged blades meet  Tiger Woods’ specifications, including the tungsten weighting in the impact area to enhance feel and control trajectory.

Wilson Staff

D7 Fairway Wood

A lighter grip, shaft and head help increase the average golfer’s swing speed, but the larger shape and shallow face enhance forgiveness and launch, too.

Personal ShopperPXG

0211 Irons

A more affordable option in the PXG lineup, it still doesn’t cut corners on distance with its hollow design, large, thin face and resilient polymer filling.


Sigma 2 Valor 400 Putter

This 10-percent heavier mallet isn’t only about stability on mis-hits. The extra heft works well with a counterbalance setup and arm-lock-style putting strokes.


TC-920FG Irons

The internal weighting mirrors that of a driver to provide a similar feel. Another driver-like feature is the low-spin launch for more distance.


Platinum MGFP20 Putter

The shape resembles the alignment-focused design used to win three Majors. This update redistributes weight to the heel and toe to increase forgiveness.

Ben Hogan

PTX Pro Irons

The long irons feature hollow construction for more distance. The short irons have titanium cores to reduce ballooning.