BREAKING NEWS: Lee Westwood isn’t going to win the Open Championship. He’s 12 shots behind and it’s pretty much certain that by the close of play on Sunday, he’ll be golf’s all-time leader in Major starts without a Major a win. Eighty-eight tournaments to be exact.

That’s a lot of golf and Westwood has been agonisingly close so many times. That sort of thing weighs on a man, and on Saturday it showed as Westwood threatened to break his club after hitting it to six inches on the par-4 eighth hole. Westy, we love you. Go on easy on yourself, mate.

Honestly, we’re not really sure what’s going on here. Maybe this is just a little inside joke we’re on the outside of. Maybe Westwood really is mad at himself for not holing it. These guys are good, after all. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s having a go at his countryman Tyrrell Hatton, who had a very public club snap on his way to missing the cut on Friday.

Could this be the beginning of golf’s newest feud – England’s answer to Brooks vs Bryson? TBD, but here’s hoping, in the name of everything good in golf, that this is just some good ol’ fashioned fun. Our hearts can’t handle anymore hate.