When trying to make a smooth cut at the ball, visualise the swing of Ernie Els. His arc is poetry in motion, distilling such a taxing exertion into an effortless flow. From 50 metres out or standing on a par-5 tee box, it’s a synchronised sweep, emitting the same grace time after time. In short, there’s never been a sweeter swing.

Until now.

This video comes from a golf teacher in Chile, who shared the swing of his 2-year-old pupil. And what a swing:

The one-piece takeaway, keeping the head down, that follow-through, mean-mugging the camera: All amazing. I spent 30 minutes on Google trying to decipher if this is the greatest contribution a 2-year-old has ever made to the world. Spoiler alert: It is.

If that doesn’t get you through your day and/or impress, you’re not someone I’d ever want to meet.