Anything can happen when you get paired with a stranger on the golf course. It can be beautiful. It can be brutal. From fast friends to actual fugitives, you never know who you might meet, but these are the most common singles we’ve bumped into over the years.

THE LONERWanted to be a single all along and resents your presence and is constantly looking to break away.

THE INFLUENCERAsks you to video all his swings for Instagram.

THE TRY-HARDImmediately wants in on all the inside jokes of you and your friends but doesn’t quite get any of them.

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THE TRADITIONALISTDoesn’t approve of swearing, drinking or your cavity-back irons.

THE PARTY ANIMALBrings his own cooler of beer and immediately starts blasting music. He also has a black eye and/or a hickey.

THE THERAPISTAsks you probing questions about life and work and is now making you rethink everything.

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THE FRIEND OF A FRIENDWent to high school with your cousin. You spend the next four hours referencing people you both kind of know.

THE GAMBLERTells you his score after every hole, but you didn’t realize you were playing a match, and now he’s expecting $100.

THE FUGITIVEGives you a fake name and keeps looking over his shoulder, wearing a bucket hat and oversize sunglasses.

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