Michael Campbell is one of the few people who can say they held off Tiger Woods at a Major championship. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to creating a major blooper as well.

Overnight at the Senior British Open, the 2005 US Open winner accidentally hit his golf ball with a practice swing. Yep, pros are capable of doing this too. Thanks to Michael Verity for sharing the funny clip on Twitter:


Whoops. And yes, somewhere, Zach Johnson – a reference to his similar gaffe at the 2019 Masters – is smiling.

For those of you who aren’t aware, since the ball hadn’t been put into play yet on the hole there is no penalty for doing this and Campbell was able to re-tee it. So that annoying guy you play with that always yells, “One!” when someone in your group accidentally knocks his/her ball off the tee is wrong. And annoying.

As you can see, Campbell had a good chuckle over it when it happened, probably in part because he knew there was no scorecard harm. The eight-time European Tour winner also confirmed after his round that he knew this from experience:


Unfortunately, there weren’t too many other funny moments for the 52-year-old during an opening a five-over par 75 at Sunningdale that left him 10 shots off the lead shared by Darren Clarke and James Kingston. In any event, if you ever find yourself on a tee with Cambo, keep your head on a swivel.