Marc Leishman has always been a bit of a larrikin. The big fella from Warrnambool has embraced his country-boy roots, never shy of displaying his easy-going nature and love of beer. He’s even been fully supportive of his good mate Cam Smith and his incredible mullet-growing exploits.

If it’s good for the game – and the people who watch it – ‘Leish’ is all in. Which is why he had no hesitation in pulling off perhaps his greatest trick shot yet – pranking the entire Australian golf entourage before they departed Tokyo last week.

Leish, clearly motivated by a little ‘Dutch courage’ during team celebrations (we assume he was drinking Leishman Lager, or maybe Grange?!), teamed up with Olympics broadcasters Channel 7 for the ultimate practical joke. Decked out in an Aussie blazer and Channel 7 microphone, Leish entered the Aussie team room with camera crew in tow, and started conducting a live interview with teammates for Channel 7’s Andrew Gaze and Andy Maher. Only he wasn’t crossing live at all, catching team captain Ian Baker-Finch and others completely off guard.

Check it out here (Oh, and LANGUAGE WARNING around 10 seconds from the end!):

That’s champagne comedy, folks. How about the classic “12th Man” Bill Lawry cry to finish things off. “WHAT A CATCH!!!”

It just gets funnier the more you watch it!

Suffice to say, when he’s done winning PGA Tour events, Marc Leishman might have a career behind the mic.