There are plenty of perks to being caddie for the best golfer in the world. The money, the wins, the great courses you get to check out. But be careful with that last one because sometimes you get to hit a shot yourself. And there’s a good chance someone will document what happened.

Such was the case earlier this week when Michael Greller, Jordan Spieth’s caddie, got a crack at one of the most famous — and beautiful — holes in the world, Pebble Beach’s par-3 7th. And the shot he produced was anything but beautiful. Take a look at this hideous shank:

Of course, the best part of the clip is how much Spieth delights in Greller’s fail. Normally, we’d find it rude to ridicule someone else’s shot, but c’mon. A shank like that under those circumstances? Sorry, but that deserves some mocking.

“Picked a beautiful place to shank it at least,” Greller tweeted after. Good to see he handled it well.