1. Tour Sticks

These brightly coloured plastic golf alignment sticks have a variety of uses. They can check your alignment and ball position on the range and on the practice green. They can also be help monitor your swing plane, as well as being used as a warm up tool for stretching. toursticks.com

2. Impact Bag

Every golfer should have an empty one of these in their golf bag. Fill it with a couple of old towels or pillows and use it to evaluate the impact position of your leading arm and shaft. By practising with this, two or three times a week, you’ll groove centre face contact and a consistent shot shape and distance. drummondgolf.com.au/sklz-smash-bag

3. Putting Mirror

This will ensure you have the correct putter face alignment and eye position over the ball. It will also create a more consistent path and centred contact, which will produce a truer roll on your putts.  eyelinegolf.com

4. Golf Gym

This teaching aid comes with an instructional DVD that provides a range of golf-specific exercises. The resistance band comes in three different strengths, suitable for all golfers. I use the Golf Gym to warm up before a round when I’m short on time. golfgym.com

5. Orange Whip Trainer

The whip trainer delivers the feeling of rhythm, balance, tempo and timing. The whip is available in different sizes to accommodate all ages of golfer and helps you find your best swing by better utilising your athletic ability. orangewhiptrainer.com

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