What’s the first move you make after you set the club behind the ball? How often do you get into that starting position and momentarily pause as you consider how you will get the club moving backwards?

It’s a problem I see afflict many amateurs and there is a simple solution to ensure you take the club away the right way every time: press. While Matthew Wolff is the modern, exaggerated equivalent, many of the game’s best players start their swings by making a small, forward press towards the target.

Feel the pressure moving into your left foot (for right-handers) and your left knee opening slightly towards the target. That helps set the body in the correct position you want to replicate at impact and begins the body and arms moving back in the proper sequence.

“By doing that, you will be surprised at how much easier the game will be,” said Sam Snead, one of the most famous exponents of the forward press.

Jason Laws

Jordan Spieth is another modern player who begins his swing by pushing into his left side and then starting the takeaway.

Once we feel pressure going into the left foot we can begin the transition into the backswing where pressure will move into your right heel. After the club gets to the top of the backswing, pressure transfers back to the left foot.

The major benefit in making this move is that it engages the whole body in the golf swing. If you start from a static position, the arms are left to create speed all by themselves.

The key to more power, a better strike and greater distance is the effective transfer of pressure, and it all starts with a small press towards the target.

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