Move over Fortnite tools and Overwatch nerds. A nearly 30-year-old man just checked into this video game article and he is grumpy, dismissive, overly dependent on Goldeneyereferences, and can sometimes be found using “the kids” to denote younger cultural subsets.

He is here because he just saw this incredible Golden Tee hole-in-one and, while still very sceptical about its veracity, can’t stop watching it anyway. He thinks that if this is real, it should go down as THE SINGLE GREATEST GOLDEN TEE ACE EVER, but please don’t @ him, PinballWizard1972. There’s not enough room in out-of-touch town for the two us.

Jarred by an anonymous Davenport, IA local on Safari Dunes’ nightmarish 12th hole, this bikini-clad, rainbow-beamed beauty is a textbook example of how to take some tail out of a dogleg right, ricocheting up, over, and down a literal mountain range before nestling in the bottom of the cup. Bang, 28,163 great shot points. Now there are a couple of suspect camera cuts here – namely around the 12-second mark – that have us a little nervous about claiming this the true, undisputed king of Golden Tee aces, but the evidence mostly stacks up in its favour.

Exhibit A. The source was Golden Tee’s official Twitter account, a beacon of truth in the swirling #FakeNews maelstrom.

Exhibit B. This…

Minus 14 through 12? Folks, you just can’t fake that kind of game. So watch it once, watch it twice. Watch it until blood starts running out of your eyes, because something tells us you’ll never see a Golden Tee shot that good again.