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 It’s a fact some golfers don’t want to admit: they’re not quite as good as they think they are. Wilson, however, addresses this hard truth by creating a set of irons designed to disguise flaws. That quest began by addressing the type of shots that can be the most disheartening this side of an airswing: the approach in which the divot comes close to flying the distance of the ball. The idea makes sense. If the desire is to hit the ball farther, that can be accomplished by not hitting it shorter. Wilson’s research revealed that chunked iron shots cost players 10 to 50 metres – certainly more than can be gained from making the face thinner (although these irons have that, too). The wide-sole set of hybrid-like irons features a slightly raised leading edge designed to essentially float above the grass to reduce fat shots, but not so high that it inhibits solid contact for centre-face shots. The lowest lofts have the widest soles to bring weight down to help those difficult-to-hit long irons fly higher. The sole widths get progressively shorter as you move down the set because less help is necessary in the higher-lofted clubs. The midsize grip is a comforting feel for those who think a conventional grip is a tad skinny.

7-IRON LOFT 30 degrees PW LOFT 44 degrees

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“The rounded back is visually calming. I get consistent distance even when I hit shots a little heavy.”

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