Tour Edge

Hot Launch E521

Hybrid irons with hollow bodies are Tour Edge’s wheelhouse, and it’s easy to see how “get the ball up in the air” is the most important consideration here. The hollow-body construction provides metalwood-like flex on the face. Designers also engineered a wide sole to create a low and deep centre of gravity to launch shots high. The sole also aggressively addresses the challenge of turf interaction. By using a raised, angled mass in the back of the sole (those familiar with the Ginty wood from the early 1970s will recognise the similarities), the sole’s ability to reduce contact with the turf is enhanced, and when it does hit grass, it ploughs through it more easily. The ample amount of offset helps slicers reduce unwanted curve, and the shallow-face height throughout is a comforting look at address. The stock shaft is the Mitsubishi Fubuki that ranges from a feathery 55 grams to 60 grams depending on the flex. Another Tour Edge strength is providing options, and this set has plenty. Golfers can create their set from a 12-club range of lofts stretching from 20 to 60 degrees. There’s also the ability to select a combo set that includes two E521 hybrids to go with five E521 iron-woods.

7-IRON LOFT 32 degrees PW LOFT 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“A nice, high trajectory without a lot of movement. Hugely forgiving off the turf. The thicker back carries the club through the ground.”

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