Big Bertha B21

Whether a developing golfer or one with a rusty swing, high-handicappers typically struggle with three areas of the game: distance, forgiveness and launch. To address those challenges, these irons have a cupface enhanced by artificial intelligence that produces hundreds, if not thousands, of face designs in the time it would take a human to do a handful. This helps Callaway create different thickness patterns for each iron face. That’s important because compression at impact for a 5-iron is much different than it is for a wedge. However, an “active” face will tend to vibrate, and that can lead to poor sound and feel. To avoid any unwanted vibration, Callaway uses urethane microspheres (urethane with microscopic glass bubbles filled with air) behind the face to produce a pleasing feel at impact. Elsewhere, tungsten weighting in the toe – low and farther back – helps golfers get the ball airborne quickly. Callaway complements this cool technology with a fundamental approach to super game improvement: you will find a wide sole, wide topline, large face and large offset here – all attributes that help golfers achieve solid contact with a good amount of forgiveness.

7-IRON LOFT 29 degrees PW LOFT 43 degrees

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“A fresh look with an approachable topline that hides the thicker bottom. Plenty of distance and stability.”

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