Titleist’s iron line over the years has evolved from appealing strictly to better golfers to expanding to other player types. Still, the super-game-improvement-iron shopper had been shut out until now. Building off its experience creating a similar club for the Asian market and its expertise in strong-lofted, high-launching utility irons, Titleist embarked on making a full set for those who need help generating ball speed. The outcome is an iron with a wide, hollow-body construction designed to maximise forgiveness on mis-hits. To assist in that endeavour, loads of high-density tungsten (up to 100 grams in some irons) are used to not only enhance forgiveness but produce a low centre of gravity to foster launch. An extremely thin L-face insert in the 5 to 7-irons offers extra metres in those clubs. Of course, golfers who tend to swing slower benefit from every gram saved, making the 43-gram Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite+ grip (seven grams lighter than the regular Tour Velvet 360) a smart choice. Also new is the set configuration and lofts: players in this category often use hybrids instead of long irons, so the T400 starts at the 5-iron. The pitching wedge is a super-strong 38 degrees.

7-IRON LOFT 26 degrees PW LOFT 38 degrees

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“Absolutely pured the ball. The weight is comfortable to swing, and the slim top is easy to look at.”

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