D9 Forges

What it does: The clubhead is a two-piece construction with an 8620-carbon-steel body and a face that is 2.3 millimetres thick, allowing for plenty of rebound. However, it’s difficult to talk about a Wilson iron without digging into its hallmark “power hole” design. Wilson ran more than 3,000 automated computer simulations that resulted in more than 1,000 potential arrangements. The simulations revealed the heel section to be an especially stiff area of the club and that having a longer power hole – which is filled with a special urethane – near that spot increased flexing.

Why we like it: When designing in the players-distance category, two things are not really negotiable: first, the clubs must have meaningful performance enhancements, and second, those attributes must be delivered in a pleasing profile. Wilson’s D9 Forged accomplishes these goals through a clubhead shape and design that lowers the centre of gravity, resulting in a higher launch angle and desirable landing trajectory. The look works, too. The clubhead is large enough to instill confidence yet small enough to convey to your friends that you’re a player to be taken seriously.

7-iron loft 30.5 degrees; pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Everything you lost over the years you get back: your feel, your distance, your confidence. The ball rockets off the face with an authoritative sizzle.”

– Player comment

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